Ways to make Neopoints

Start off with the freebies everyday. Free Omelette
Go here once a day for a free omelette
Free Jelly
Go here once a day for a free jelly
Coltzan Shrine
Go here once a day you can be given food, levels, points or other goodies
Fruit Machine
Go here once a day for a free spin toi see if you win goodies and points
Go here once a day for a free spin toi see if you win goodies and points
Healing Springs
You can go here every 1/2 hour. If your pets get sick keep going back till they are healed. You can also have health points raised and sometimes be given potions
Wheel Of Mediocrity (costs 50nps)
You can win points or other goodies or Loose Its a wheel of chance
Wheel Of Excitement (100nps)
You can win points or other goodies or Loose Its a wheel of chance
Wheel Of Misfortune (100nps)
You can win points or other goodies or Loose Its a wheel of chance
Turmaculus (Need Petpet only wakes a few times a day)
Snowager (6:00am-7:00am, 2:00pm-3:00pm, 10:00pm-11:00pm All NST)
You can win goodies or be blasted and loose health points
Advent Calender (December Only)
Gives prizes and points every day of December

Play TONS OF GAMES!! Find the easy and fast ones. Go to Soup-Faerie.Com click on the game names it will give you some tips and tricks for lots of the games.

You can earn over 10,000 points a day with games.

Now that you have a few points in your account. Go to the bank and start you an account.
When you fill out the info for job and address just put anything, not your real address though. Every evening when you are done for the day put all of your points into your account. Then in the morning go to the bank and click your interest first then withdraw some points to get you started for the day. If you withdraw or deposit points before you get your intrest for the day you won't be able to get it that day.

Now the way to make tons of points.
Start a shop!!!!!! Fill the shop and keep it stocked. When stocking a shop always check the shop wizard for the going prices of items. If you put a 5 point item in your store and try to sell it for 100 points no one will buy it and it will do you no good at all setting there. When you go to the shop wizard put in your search word click on him to find the item, when the results come up look at them, then refresh several times to see what others are selling the item for. Some people will try and sell those 5 point items for 100 points while everyone else has it for 5. What ever amount you decide should be the lowest prices and let the majority rule on the prices. When you are first starting out look for the cheaper items to buy and sell. It goes to reason if you only have 200 points you cant look for items costing 1000 points. I like to look for these items:
Cheaps Plant
Wet Snowball
Poison Snowball
Yellow Snowball
Peach snowball
Most of the desert Foods
Buy these for no more then 3 points and sell them for 5

Lime Elixir
Pale Elixir
Healing Potion I
Healing Potion II
Wooden Blocking Shield
Buy for no more then 6 and sell for 10
All the omelettes
Buy for no more then 8 and sell for 15
The healthy and regular food items like broccoli, crispies, churros, baby foods, doughnuts things like that
Buy for no more then 80 and sell for 95
Go to NeoItems.net On the left side of the page click on Items Database, on the page it takes you to it has every buyable item on neopets broken down into catagories. Choose a catagory it will show you a picture and tell you the name of each item, open another window to the shop wizard on neopets and type the names in and start searching.
Sometimes you will get very lucky and find someone selling a 6000 point item for 1 point other days all the shops are either equal to the going price or overpriced.
Now on to the Neopian shops. These are the shops that are run by Neopets not the members.
Neopets restocks their shops about every 8 minutes 24 hours a day. But you have to be quick to get the best deals. The book shop is the best place but the items go very fast here since they have a huge mark up value. Most of the time you can offer around 50 points less thenn the asking price and get the item Then you can double or triple your points by puttin git into your shop. Several books go for around 200 to 400 points in their shop then you can mark them up in your shop. Most books sell in member shop from 500 to 3000 points. Again check the wizard. I have only seen a few of the books not be worth the buying price from the neopets shops and they are priced at around 800 to 1000 in their shop. But the books that start with a buying price of 200 to 400 all of them you will make money on. When you get to the foods, medicine, toys, and specially the grooming, clothes, and battle items shops watch out those can all get you.

My personal advice would be get good and used to a lot of the prices in the member shops before you start going to these shops so you have an idea what items are worth. Like in the grooming shop most makeups sell from 40 to 70 points and neopets will be sellign it for 170 even if you offer 50 points less and get the item you will be loosing money. The 3rd of every month is 1/2 price day from midnight to midnight neotime in the Neopet run shops. Everything they sell will be at half price. This makes it better for the shops that charge more then the member shops. This does not include the member shops. Often the site drags and times out a lot since tons of people are trying to get in on the bargains. Save lots of points for this day. Stockepile it in your safe deposit box if it tell you you have 50 items already, and keep shopping. I personally have 5 or 6 windows open at a time on 1/2 price day, 1 with my quick stock so if i get my item limit its faster to refresh the quick stock page and stick them in my safe so I can keep shopping, I also keep a wizard window open so I can check prices on items once in a while to make sure I can make money on certain items, and the rest of the windows I have open to my favorite buying shops.
Now as you make points enlarge your shop. Its expensive to enlarge your shop but in the long run it will pay off. I personally stopped at shop size 25. It takes me usually about an hour to fully stock my shop. The more variety you have in your shop the more money you make. The more people will stumble across your site through the wizard and while they are there they may see several other items they want. Always check the wizard for prices and to see if you can grab some more of the items cheaply while you are pricing your shop. Some prices changes every 5 minutes others will be the same forever.

Ok the random Faerie quests are just that Random. You usually get levels up, strangth things like that. Sometimes the items they ask for are expensive. If you cannot afford the item DONT do it. it Won't hurt you in the long run. There are also Quests you can ask to do In Meridell you can do a quest for Illusen every day, In Faerieland you have Jhudoras once a day only if you haven't done one for Illusen. There are Quests in the haunted woods and Mystery Island. The Haunted woods has Edna's Tower, the Brain Tree, and the Esophager. You click on these they ask you for items you get them bring them back and they give you goodies. The Brain Tree asks hard questions and the only way to get the answers are to do 2 quests for the Esophager. The Esophager and Edna will ask for 1 to 4 items at a time. The prizes you get are usually not worth more then 2000 points so personally I would check all the items on the wizard before you buy any of them. If its gonna cost a lot I wouldnt do it, you let your time run out, then you can go back abnd try again for another quest. I do some of Edna's now and then when i am really bored but the Brain tree has never given me anythign worth near what I have had to spen at the esophager to get the answer. In Mystery Island you have the Kitchen Quests, In Terror Mouontain up at the top of the mountain you have the Snow Quests. The same thing as with Hanted Mountain go with all the quests decide if they are worth it or not before you do them. The snow quests are about the best ones, she usually gives better prizes and a good bit of points to go along with it. But I wouldnt spend over 4000 on her quests personally.

Well Thats about all I can think of right now. Other then find a good guild and join it. The one I am in has games on Monday's and Friday's they give great prizes for these. They are also a very helpful guild if you are on a quest for the Faeries and didnt have a wizard window already open you can't open one so you can go to their message board and post what the Faerie is requesting and they will search the wizard for you. They also give tips and trick and reminders on things to help you get points. There are thousands of guilds out there bounce around to a few until you find one you like. Good luck in all your Neopian endeavors but most of all have FUN!!!!!!

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